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Why taking action creates success

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Thinking, analyzing and pensive reminiscing over ideas, past performances or even future desires leads to nowhere.

Decision. Decisions can be hard for even the best of us. As high performers we want to ensure success. So, in an effort to make well informed decisions in hopes of a successful outcome, we analyze each avenue, and each possible effect of the decision. While this is smart, it can be paralyzing. Success only comes with action. Even if that action is failure. Failure eventually meets success. Next time, before you spend hours calculating the risks and potential outcomes, realize you are delaying your success. Analysis prevents action. Action breeds success, analysis prevents success.

What now

Decide what your goal is.

Write it out and come up with a game plan

Limit worry and fear of failure by fixing focus

Focus on what life will look like if you achieve your goal

Spend time with this mental image of success

The more your brain accepts this image the greater opportunity for it becoming reality.


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