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dr. Ross

"The mind is the strongest muscle in the body."- Dr. Ross

Dr. Ross is a proud Arizona Native, born and raised, and a mother to her two daughters. She served for over 13 years on active duty within her own community in the Army National Guard and has exceptional leadership abilities from her time spent in the military as a drill sergeant, a combat medic, and the very first female infantry soldier for the Arizona Army National Guard. She believes that challenges should be embraced, and views these as an opportunity for growth. Her military experience is a valuable asset in her current practice as a Certified Mental Performance Consultant. She is also very passionate about education and serves as an Adjunct Faculty in the Psychology department at Grand Canyon University. 


Dr. Ross leads an active lifestyle and values fitness, nutrition and health! She is a competitive bodybuilder and earned her status as a professional bodybuilder within the International Federation of Bodybuilding. She played basketball and ran track growing up through high school, and played women's rugby during her undergraduate college years at NAU. Despite her time as an athlete, her passion for the field of Performance Psychology began in the military when she attended the United States Drill Sergeant Academy, where she excelled as a graduate in the top 10% of her class achieving Commandant's list. She has always been competitive and pursued excellence in personal endeavors. She believes that motivation is a driving factor for excellence. Dr. Ross became fascinated and desired to learn how to create an environment for others to also pursue excellence.  As her interest grew in this field, she began her graduate studies at the University of Western States, where she earned a Doctorate Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology specializing in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. During her doctoral candidacy at Arizona Christian University, she completed over 1200 hours of clinical counseling and performance consulting working directly with collegiate athletes, teams, coaches, and students. She also has an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and an M.S. in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Western States. Her undergraduate degree is in Biology from Northern Arizona University.

Dr. Ross discovered during her journey that many students and collegiate athletes do not have healthy ways to manage stress, leading to burnout, and other mental health concerns. She observed the same in the military. Recognizing this, she started this consulting practice with goals to help individuals overcome and learn to live optimally. She believes that training mental skills can have a profound impact on the ability to maintain overall life satisfaction and perform optimally even during times of stress. Mental skills not only apply to athletes, but also to the general population. Dr. Ross's goals are to provide the client with support, awareness, education, and build mental wellness (for both the performance population and general population). Her unique combination of education and experience brings an eclectic approach that emphasizes fundamental components such as ownership, accountability, and resiliency balanced with empathy, authenticity and compassion for where the client is in his or her own journey. She believes that anything is possible with the right mindset, the right training and the right approach by incorporating a holistic perspective for all the tenets of one's life! 



Dr. Ross's mission is to help performers (athlete or non-athlete), both individuals, and groups/teams achieve greater results more consistently through performance consulting. Many of the same concepts to optimize performance can apply to daily living as well. When we renew our mindset about how we perceive life and its' challenges, we can become unstoppable. Truly, because your mindset is your greatest asset. The mind is the strongest muscle in the body. 


Motivation, Focus, Confidence, Mental Toughness, Performance Anxiety, Goal Setting, Overcoming Performance Setbacks, Stress Management, Burnout Prevention, Interpersonal Relationships and Team dynamics, Communication, Leadership, Transitional Phases, Athlete and Core Identity, Environmental Optimization, and Female Athlete/Female Team Development. For athletes or non-athletes including and not limited to business executives and tactical populations. 


  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant®, Association for Applied Sport Psychology

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Associate, AZBH

  • EdD in Sport and Performance Psychology, specializing in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • MS Clinical Mental Health Counseling

  • MS Sport & Performance Psychology

  • Member in the Association for Applied Sport Psychology

  • Certified Sports Nutrition, ASFA

  • Professional Bodybuilder, IFBB

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