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You may be wondering at this point, what are mental skills?  

Mental skills contribute to the management of emotions and thoughts. This leads to consistency in capabilities during performance, that allow the individual to perform as part of a natural outflow, uninterrupted by distractions and less influenced by factors outside the athlete's sphere of control. When trained right, mental skills optimize physical ability, and lead to greater success in performance. You will stand out from your peers when you have a powerful mental game. 

create your toolbox
key areas of optimization


Who are you? Many times our identity becomes linked to our performance. This can lead to increased anxiety and also substantiating struggles during transitions or loss. 


Developing the ability to face challenges, embrace them and see every challenge as an opportunity. An individual who is resilient is able to accept feedback and responds to adversity with determination.


An individual who is confident realizes their skills are not impacted by circumstances. The individual learns to trust their skills, training, and experience rather than what fluctuation emotions or external circumstances. 


If we spend time and energy training our physical body to perform, then why not our mental ability as well? We can train our mind to work with us, and not against us. During times of stress, typically within competition, the mind can respond in undesired ways. So by developing mental skills, the mind becomes trained to respond optimally during high stress times. Mental skills allow the individual to reach his or her optimal zone to perform consistently regardless of stress.

Many elite level athletes have adopted mental skills and sport psychology methods into their training regimen to reach greater levels and become more successful. Your mindset is what sets you apart, start your training plan today! 



sTEP 1
 Conduct a performance needs assessment by taking a thorough performance/sport history.
Identify key areas of performance optimization.
Develop a unique and individualized plan based on your needs and performance goals. This will be your own toolbox of mental skills. 
Introduction of skills in sessions based on performance optimization plan.
Client implements skills outside of session within their own performance environment.
Evaluation and feedback during sessions. Client becomes confident in skills and can begin to implement on own leading to desired outcomes.

mental performance topics

  • Performance Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Arousal and Attention
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Self-Talk and Thought Control
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Injury Recovery
  • Mental Toughness
  • Motivation
  • Transition
  • Goal Setting
  • Overcoming Performance Errors
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Values Identification and Culture
  • Team Building
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