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Who is this for?

Basically EVERYONE! Mental performance consulting services are for both individuals and groups to not only optimize performance, but also to balance life more optimally. Dr. Ross works with individual athletes, team, groups (athletic or not), tactical athletes, business professionals, and any regular person looking to optimize their life. The first step is to schedule a free confidential discovery call to see if this is the right fit for you. 

"Before working with Dr. Ross, my son would crumble under pressure like a stale cookie. Anxiety ate away at his confidence, and every setback felt like a mountain instead of a bump. Now, thanks to Dr. Ross and her incredible coaching, it's like someone lit a fire under him! His mental toughness is off the charts. He confronts challenges head-on, learns from mistakes, and bounces back stronger. It's inspiring to see the transformation: no more self-doubt, just grit and determination. Whether it's in the pool, or even facing everyday hurdles, he tackles them with a renewed confidence I never thought possible. Dr. Ross didn't just teach him skills; she unlocked my son’s inner champion. She's a game-changer, and I'm beyond grateful for her guidance. If you're looking for a coach who can truly elevate your child's performance and build their mental muscles, look no further than Dr. Ross. She's worth her weight in gold, for sure!"
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Who benefits from these services:

Any individual: whether athlete, business professional, tactical athlete or health-conscious person. Examples include:​

  • Managing anxiety, fears, anger, and other emotions impacting performance.

  • Maintaining a positive mindset and confidence.

  • Finding motivation to put in the work for the next level.

  • Improving focus and reducing distractions during performance or other high stress environments.

  • Managing burnout, and long-term high stress environments such as first responders, tactical athletes, executives

  • Managing the pressure of performing in front of others or preparing for tryouts.

  • Recovering from an injury or preparing to transition from the world of sports.

  • During the recruiting process or preparing to transition to the next level.

  • PARENTS! Looking to find ways to better support their child's athletic development and performance.

  • Athletes & parents looking for guidance on managing the demands of the recruitment process.

  • Athletic departments looking for guidance on how to support their programs.

  • Coaches looking for guidance on improving teamwork, cohesion, or managing challenging players.

  • Trainers looking for ways to mentally support their client's motivation, confidence, or injury recovery

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