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What is your moment?

I entered into this field to help people…

What I’ve found in the process?

The people don’t know, they don’t know there is help, encouragement and motivation waiting for them, waiting to give them a more satisfying life. But how will they know unless they come, and how will they come unless they hear, and how will they hear unless I tell them?

I just wanted to tell people, to speak, to get my message out!

However, as I sat here in an empty room, waiting… thoughts filled my mind, some doubt, some questioning, fear, will anyone show up? What if no one shows up?

The message I so longed to share and help others with was the very same message challenging me in this moment.

Because how could the message hold any power if I wasn’t able to practice what I preach.

Then it hit me. This was the moment. My mind went to some of the GOATS…

Tom Brady, 6th round draft pick.

Michael Jordan, not making his high school team.

What was it that made them so great? It was this very moment. They decided. That no matter what I see now, I can believe the opposite, and have faith that my reality is not determined by what I see, but by what I believe.

The moment now, when I sat in an empty room waiting for an audience to show up, in this empty room to choose to see these seats filled to the max.

Maybe I needed this moment now, more than I needed the audience to show up. To be given an opportunity to decide...the moment to believe for the opposite. I needed to believe this myself, to believe that my reality is not determined by what I see but by what I choose to believe.

Nobody talks about these moments. We only hear of the great success stories. But in order to get to the successes you have to keep believing through all the disappointments and let downs. There will be thousands of these along the way. But this is the moment. The moment that matters most.

Reflection: What is it that you’re believing for? Close your eyes. Can you choose to see it, even when it appears to be the opposite of what you see now?

This was my moment. What is your moment?

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