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TO vs. FOR

The power behind two little words. TO and FOR. When we say, "this happened TO me", we are implying that we lack a choice. It happened, and I had no say in it. I had no voice in the matter. Which while yes, this may be true in some instances, things do happen to you, but this does not lead to productive thinking or productive use of what happens. This way of thinking about our experiences and encounters only lends to a victim mentality. That without a say, without a choice, I am a victim to my circumstances.

Then with this mentality we may even develop guilt, frustration and anger over things that happen TO us. Saying that "we should have known better" and carrying this weight as our responsibility to fix. We can't go back and fix it. We can only move forward. The way to move forward is by changing up this one little word. Everything that happens, happens FOR you. It happens because it is meant to guide you and direct you to the path of your purpose. The disconnect is that we look at negative circumstances and can't equate these painful things to anything good. There is a gap in our understanding, and even a misconception that only good can lead to good. But what if bad could lead to good? What if negative could lead to positive? What if we changed the word to FOR?

FOR forces us to see a bigger picture. If it happened FOR me, forces me to ask what is God, or the universe trying to show me? The experiences you have, have given you a story. Your story often drives your purpose once you see it. Your story is what can help others in their story. Your struggles can lead you to the path of your purpose. That desire in your heart is there for a reason, the idea is there because it is meant to be brought into the world. Your gifts and talents are not meant to be wasted. At the junction of your story and your gifts is your purpose. So, start today by changing that one little word in your life.

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