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Sometimes environment can be perceived as very negative and toxic. Together we examine your environment, and if there are any factors related to performance outcomes that we can make productive adjustments to, you are a product of your environment.


You have two parts, you as a person, you as an athlete. In this we will uncover both and learn what it means to have a secure identity. Therefore with a solid identity, you do not fluctuate with changing roles, or transition to outside sport.

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We typically don't get the say in which leaders we have or don't have. Therefore it can be discouraging when we are in a place with poor leadership. However that does not mean you have to succumb to the tone the leadership sets, you can overcome and learn to lead yourself in a positive manner

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Relationships place a crucial role on performance. Those closest to us while they may have the best of intentions, can leave us filled with doubt, or desire to be motivated by avoidance of consequences rather than positive feedback. Establishing supportive relationships is key to success.

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